Saturday, April 11, 2020

Wrist Wallet

The wrist wallet is the fourth item in my “Small Projects” series.  I am trying to post some small projects that would be easy to sew during this time of confinement to our homes during Covid-19.  These are projects that don’t require a pattern.  The wrist wallet only requires a very small amount of fabric.  A 9” square of fabric is all that is needed.  The wallet is small so it will fit on your wrist, but it will hold your essentials, i.e. a driver’s license, a credit card, and a little cash.  So, let’s get busy making the wallet.

In addition to your sewing machine, you will need the following supplies:

9” square of fabric – Knit or other fabric that has enough stretch to go over your hand and fit around your wrist.


Zipper – At least 5” – You can use any length longer than 5” because the excess will be cut off after insertion.

Optional – Iron-on interfacing with stretch (tricot interfacing)


1.      If you are using interfacing, iron it to your 9” square.  Cut your 9” square into half in the direction of the greater stretch.  You now have 2 pieces that measure 4 ½ “ x  9“. 

2.   Place the two pieces right sides together and mark the middle (4 ½” from the short sides).  Using a 1/2" seam, sew the two pieces together along one of the 9” sides but stop at the middle mark and back stitch.   Leave the rest of the seam open.

3.      The zipper will be inserted in the open part of the 9” side.   Place right side of zipper down on the right side of the open side.   Pin in place and stitch close to the zipper teeth.  You can use a zipper foot to stitch the zipper or use a regular foot and move the needle close to the zipper if your machine has this capability.   I find it easier to sew the zipper if I unzip it when I begin.  After I am a little past the zipper tab, I leave the needle down and raise the foot.  Then I can zip up the zipper and begin sewing again.  Stop where the seam begins and back stitch.

4.      Using the instructions in step 3, pin the zipper to the other piece of fabric.  Make sure the short ends are aligned and then sew the zipper.

 Flip the edge of the fabric over the right side of the zipper as shown in the photo below.  Set your machine for a wide zigzag stitch and stitch over the zipper teeth several times using a short stitch length.  This will stabilize the zipper teeth.  Cut off the remaining length of zipper. 

6.      Top stitch both sides of the zipper.

7.      With right sides together, sew the two long edges together using a ¼” seam.

8.     Unzip the zipper.  Reach inside and pull the bottom edge up to the edge where the top of the zipper is.  The fabric will be right sides together.  Align the two short edges and the seams.  Pin in place.  Make sure the two top edges of the zipper come together at the seam so it will close properly when zipped.  Make sure you leave the zipper unzipped when sewing around the circle.  I find it easier to sew from inside the circle, so I place my pins there before I sew.

9.      After you sew around the circle, reach inside through the open zipper and turn the wallet right side out.  Your wrist wallet is now complete. 

Please note:  The type of fabric you use will make a difference in how the wallet fits your wrist.  If using a very stretchy fabric, you may want to reduce the size of your fabric on the side that will go around your wrist.  Another option is to add interfacing to your two pieces.  I tried that with the lavender wallet shown below.  I used a tricot interfacing with some stretch to it.  That allows the wallet to stretch to get over your hand.  I did not use any interfacing on the blue knit wallet.

This will probably be the last item in my “Small Projects” series.  I am anxious to start some new projects with the focus on clothing.  I may also feature some purses.  Let me know if there is something you would like me to feature in my posts. 

Please stay safe and healthy!


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