Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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You may have noticed I have been quiet for a few weeks on this blog.   I was sick part of February, most of March, and some of April.     I am not sure why I was so sick, but I suspect it was a combination of bronchitis and the “Michigan crude”.  I would get better for a couple of days and then the crude would return.   So, for several weeks I have made trips to the doctor’s office and even the emergency room in the search for a cure for the crude.  Finally, I think I turned the corner and started down the road to recovery!  I realized recovery was possible when I felt well enough to go to my sewing room and actually work on a sewing project for the first time in weeks. 

Then I received an invitation in the mail to my 60th high school class reunion on Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  I really wanted to go, but wasn’t sure I would be fully recovered by then.  My husband urged me to send in my check and plan to go.  I decided to do that and I am so glad I did.   I called my sister in North Carolina and asked her to meet us there.  Once I got away from Michigan and into some warm Georgia weather, I continued to feel better and better.  We stopped in the Atlanta area to visit our daughter on the way to Saint Simons and on the way back as well.  This trip was beneficial in so many ways.  It was physically healing for me; it provided an opportunity to visit my daughter and her family; it provided an opportunity to see my classmates from the Glynn Academy Class of 1959; and as an added bonus, it provided an opportunity for me to visit with my sister and her husband from North Carolina. 

Who could ask for more?  Well, I didn’t ask, but I did get more.  There were four teachers at the reunion who taught at Glynn Academy in 1959.  One was Mary Adams, my home economics teacher.  I was so pleased to have the opportunity to talk with her.   Ellen Jones, another home economics teacher was there, too.   I did not realize until after I got home that I took home economics from her, too.   I looked at my yearbook and saw Mrs. Jones signed my freshman and junior yearbook, so I assume she was my teacher for those two years and Ms. Adams was my teacher for my sophomore and senior years.  I was truly surprised that anyone who taught me in school could still be alive.  All four of the teachers looked great! 

I am thankful I had the opportunity to take home economics in high school.  Those classes gave me a great foundation for sewing, which I still enjoy.  I believe in lifetime learning, so I still take classes in sewing to improve my skills.  Home Economics also gave me a foundation for cooking; however, I lacked the passion for that skill so I did not continue to improve in that area. 

Before I left on my trip to Saint Simons Island, I made capri pants to take with me.  I used the pattern I use for most of my pants, Fit for Art’s Eureka! Pants that Fit.  The fabric I used was a celery-colored cotton with a little stretch added.  I also made a green print top to go with the pants.  That fabric is a 2-way stretch knit.  I used the Very Easy Vogue pattern V9128 for the top.  I have sewn a couple other tops from this pattern so I did not need to spend time fitting before sewing.  A picture of the pants and top are shown below.  I also included a picture of the pattern envelope.  You will notice the sketched picture of a model wearing the top looks a lot different from the top I made.  The difference is a top made for a "real" body (large) looks a lot different than one sketched on a "stick" figure!  Nevertheless, I like the top and am sure I will enjoy wearing it.

How are you progressing with your sewing projects?  I hope you have some great projects planned to sew for summer!


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