Thursday, September 13, 2018

Completion of 11th Wardrobe Piece – Light Blue Shirt

I used the same computer-generated pattern for this shirt as the one I used for the scrappy plaid blouse and the navy print cotton shirt.  I worked on this shirt at the recent American Sewing Guild Lansing Chapter’s sewing retreat in Shipshewana, Indiana.  However, I took it home to put the finishing touches on it.

I needed to make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.  I thought this was the perfect time to try one of the decorative buttonhole stitches in my Pfaff Creative Icon sewing machine.  I decided to sew a few buttonholes to see which was best for this shirt.  I used some of the same fabric I used for the shirt and applied the same interfacing I used for the front facing.   Using navy thread, I embroidered buttonhole no. 124 and then used a medium blue thread for no. 123 from the “mini” embroidery section in my machine.   A close-up photo of both buttonholes is shown below.  I liked both buttonholes, but both were too large for my shirt.

Being anxious to complete the 12-piece wardrobe, I decided to move on and just sew regular  buttonholes and perhaps embroider a separate design between them.  I located an embroidery design of three small flowers which was also in the “mini” embroidery section of my machine.  I decided to embroider that design between where each buttonhole would be sewn on my shirt.   I pulled back the front facing before I embroidered the design so the back of the embroidery would be hidden inside the facing.  Then I sewed a regular buttonhole through the shirt and facing between each embroidery design.  I also placed one of the small flowers on each of the collar points.  A picture of the finished shirt and closeups of the embroidered designs are shown below.

There is just one piece of this wardrobe to complete and that is the tan jacket.  I am trying a different pattern so it will take a little extra time to check the fit.  I hope to complete the jacket soon.  I believe I will be able to get close to 72 outfits from the 12-piece wardrobe.  I will explain how this is accomplished as soon as I complete the jacket.  Please stay tuned!