Monday, July 24, 2017

Me Two and Me Three Aprons -    July 24, 2017

I finally finished the Me Two and Me Three aprons to go with the Mimi and Me aprons I posted on June 23rd.  This summer has been really busy with traveling, camping, and everyday life events!   I try to sew several times a week, but sometimes that is just not possible. 

I was unable to use the same pattern as the one I used for the Mimi and Me aprons because it did not include the sizes I needed for Me Two and Me Three.  Instead, I used Simplicity 1240 and modified it to be suitable for boys.  I got rid of the ruffles, the angled cut of the side seams, crisscrossed straps on the back of the apron, and the gathered, decorated pocket.  I made substitutions to make the aprons look as much like the Mimi and Me aprons as possible.

I did not think the flower print fabrics I used for the Mimi and Me aprons were appropriate for aprons for young boys.  I kept the same colors, but substituted a solid color (orange) fabric and a print of gnomes, pinwheels, and orange flamingos.  I used the same style pocket and I cut the side seams straight to get rid of the excess fabric at the bottom of the aprons.  I included a strap around the neck like the one used in the larger aprons. 

I hope Mimi’s grandchildren will enjoy cooking with Mimi while wearing coordinated aprons!