Monday, March 12, 2018

A Little Progress on the 12-Piece Wardrobe   -  March 12, 2018

In my last post I stated I would take a short break from making the 12-piece wardrobe to embroider two jackets for my daughter, Loretta.  Well, the break has been longer than expected.  First, I caught the “crude” and was sick for two weeks.  I was too sick to even think about sewing or embroidering.  After the crude was over, I began the embroidery project only to have my machine quit working.  It has been in for repair three times in the last few weeks and it is still there.  I did manage to complete the back of one jacket in between the 2nd and 3rd trip to the sewing machine hospital.  I planned to put a small design on the front of the jacket, but instead I am considering calling the project complete as is for now.  I think I will mail the jacket to my daughter so she can wear it because I am not sure when I will get my machine back.  A picture of the jacket back is below.  I will post the second jacket after I get my machine back in working order. 

 I recently tested a pattern for a knit top to see if I could fit it to me.  The pattern is Very Easy Vogue V9128.  I used a red two-way knit fabric from my stash.  Red is not a color that will work for my 12-piece wardrobe, but I did not expect it to fit anyway.  I thought it would probably be a throw-away that I could use to determine where I needed to make changes to the pattern.  Much to my surprise, the top did fit.  The only adjustment I will make is to the length.  It was a good length before hemming, so I think I will add 5/8 inch – 1 inch to the bottom before I cut the pattern for a top for my wardrobe.  A picture of the red test top is below.

The next piece I will sew for the wardrobe will be a top from the Very Easy Vogue V9128 pattern.  I plan to make it from a navy and wine print fabric from my stash.  I was surprised when I made the red top at how little time it took to complete.  I made the red one at a sewing group that meets from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.   I finished the top during one session except for hemming it and attaching the neckband.  We do a lot of talking and sharing of ideas, so I doubt if I actually started sewing before 11:00 a.m.  So my guess is the top could be completed in two hours if it is cut out first.  I will post a picture of the top with the wine pants as soon as they are completed.

How is your sewing going?  Have you started any sewing projects to add to your summer wardrobe?  It is time to get started!  Spring will be here in less than two weeks and summer will quickly follow.