Friday, June 23, 2017

Mimi and Me Aprons  -  June 23, 2017

I finally finished the two aprons I mentioned in my May 31st posting.  May and June were busy months for me, so I did not accomplish all the sewing projects I planned.  Most of them will still get done, just not as soon as intended.  

For the aprons I used Simplicity Pattern No. 2691.  I made two changes to the pattern.   The pattern called for a pocket and a pocket band.  I did not use the pocket band.  I simply cut the pocket the size of the original pocket with the band.  Then I had only one piece instead of two and the pocket was still the same size as if I had used both pieces.  I also added the lettering on the aprons with my Pfaff Creative Vision Pro sewing machine.

The aprons are reversible and are made from 100 per cent cotton.  After I made the aprons, I realized I should make two more aprons.  There are two more “me’s” in the family and I don’t want to leave them out.  They enjoy cooking with Mimi, too.  So, I will add that to my list of future projects.  I will try to refrain from mailing the aprons to my daughter, Loretta, until I finished the other two.  Then she can give the aprons to all three of her grandchildren at the same time.

Hopefully, I can work on some of my unfinished projects today.  I hope you are making progress with yours!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Laundry Bag                  June 14, 2017

I finished the laundry bag just in time for the graduation party.  I used light-weight denim printed with purple flowers.  The bag was made almost the same way I made the gift bags described in my post of April 10, 2017.  The differences are the size and the two pockets.  Actually, I got a little carried away with the size and had to cut the bag down after I sewed the sides together. The fabric I used was 54 inches wide, so when I sewed the sides together, the circumference of the bag was about 53 inches.  I took off about 10 inches and then sewed it back together. 

When I squared the bottom, I intentionally used a much larger measurement than I used on the gift bags to sew across the triangle created by aligning the side seam with the bottom seam.  I used five or six inches instead of the 1 ½ inches used on the gift bags.   This causes the bottom of the bag to be wider which I wanted for the laundry bag. 

I added a pocket with a zipper on the outside of the laundry bag to be used for coins or other items.  A picture of the coin pocket is shown below.  I wanted this pocket to be hidden, so I placed a larger pocket over it.  The larger pocket can be used to carry a bottle of laundry detergent.  I placed the pocket very close to the bottom of the bag so the weight of the detergent bottle won’t tip over the bag.  I embroidered a monogram on the pocket before I attached it to the bag.

I left only one opening for the cording in the casement at the top of the bag instead of the two openings I left for the gift bags.  I used a 3/8 inch cording and it pulls one way to close the bag.  This is a quick and easy gift to make for a student who will be leaving for college soon.
I hope you are making progress on all of your sewing projects.