Saturday, February 10, 2018

Update on Progress of 12-Piece Summer Wardrobe

I completed two of the twelve pieces of the coordinated wardrobe.   The blue pants and the tan carpri  pants  are done.  I struggle each time I try to write the “p” word for trousers.  If I am referring to one, is it a pant or pants?  My Webster’s New World dictionary lists “pant” as a noun and an adjective.  It refers readers to “pants”.  It lists “pants” as a plural noun.  It also states an outfit consisting of a matched jacket and pants may be called a pant suit or pants suit.  Alright, already!  I made my mind up.  I will refer to the garment that covers a person from the waist to the knees or ankles that is divided into two parts that cover each leg as pants!  I assume it is a plural noun because it has two parts (plural), one for each leg.  If anyone knows why this line of reasoning is not correct, please do not tell me.  I don’t want be even more confused than I am now.  Anyway, pictures of the pants are below.

I have two pieces completed and ten to go.  I cut out the wine pants today.  The first thing I sew on the pants is the fly front.  I am going to try to take a picture of each step of installing the fly front zipper.  This might be helpful to some of you who have not yet done this.  It is not difficult and there are lots of information and videos on the internet about how to sew the zipper. 

My daughter, Loretta, asked me to embroider some designs on two jackets for her.  I will take a short break from making the wardrobe pieces and do the embroidering for her.  I’m not sure which designs I will use yet.  I think I will stitch out a few samples and send pictures to her so she can make her choices.  I will post pictures of the finished jackets.

By the way, the Lansing Chapter of the American Sewing Guild lost a true friend, a great sewer, and an all-around special person last week.  Betty Koxx passed away Feb. 2, 2018.  She loved to sew, knit, watch birds, and tell funny stories!   She loved her family.  When she realized her time on earth was short, she asked all her children to come home.  They live in different states.  She had five children, eleven grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.  I believe all of them had the opportunity to be with Betty before she departed for eternal life.  Betty will be missed by all us.  And, she only had one unfinished sewing project (UFO) when she left!