Friday, August 16, 2019

Small Crossover Bag          August 16,  2019

It is extremely difficult to find a pattern that is just perfect for you.  There always seems to be something missing or a feature included that is not wanted.  That is why we need to examine a pattern and decide which features we want to keep and which ones we want to delete.  That was the process I recently encountered when I decided to make a small crossover bag to hold cash, credit cards, I
identification, and phone.

I had an instruction sheet for a simple small crossover bag that was compliments of Fields Fabric from several years ago.   The small bag (approximately 7”x 8”) was made from three pieces of color coordinated fabric.  The strap was attached to swivel hoops that clipped onto D rings.  The D rings were attached to small fabric loops sewn to the top of the bag.   The fold-over flap of the bag closed with a magnetic bag closure.  The bag was bound around all outside edges with bias tape made from one of the coordinated fabrics.  The bag appeared to be quick to make and could accommodate everything I needed to take with me for a quick trip to the grocery store or an all day trip to a sewing expo. 

After scrutinizing the instructions, I decided to make a bag very similar to the pattern and then I would make another one and add or delete features that might work better for me.  I had three pieces of color- coordinated fabric in my stash.  I made a couple of small changes to the first bag I made.  Instead of using a magnetic closure, I used a snap from and I did not use the D rings to attached the swivel hoops.  I just attached the swivel hooks directly to the fabric loops on the top of the bag.  A picture of my first bag made with the decorator fabric is shown below:

After finishing the first bag, I knew what changes I wanted to make to the next bag.  The first change I made was the size.  It needed to be approximately 1½“ wider for a larger phone to fit.  That was an easy change.   I also wanted to use denim fabric for the bag.  I wasn’t sure if bias tape made from denim would work to finish the outside edges of the bag.  I thought it might make the edges of the bag too thick to sew through.  I decided I would sew the bag right sides together and leave an opening to turn the bag.  I wasn’t sure this would work either, but I was willing to try.   It worked, but it required a lot of steam pressing after the bag was turned.  I liked the snap I used on the first purse, so I used the same for the denim bag.   I made small individual pockets for my credit cards and identification (drivers license).   I embroidered my initials on the flap that covers the inside of the purse.  Instead of the square corners on the flap of the first bag, I rounded the corners on the flap of denim bag.  Pictures of the denim bag are shown below.

 I decided to make another denim bag with bias tape around the outside edges instead of sewing the right sides together and turning it.  The denim was too thick to use as a bias binding, so I used the decorator fabric I used for the cover of the bag.  I rounded the bottom corners of the bag as well as the lower edges of the flap.  Pictures of this bag are shown below.

If you are interested in making one of these bags, please let me know.  I am thinking of posting the instructions on my website.  You can contact me at 

I hope you are having fun with your summer sewing projects!