Saturday, December 28, 2019

Inspiration to Sew

I find inspiration to sew from many sources.  I know some people like to look through magazines and cut out pictures of clothing or other articles that inspire them.  They paste the pictures in notebooks and use them to get ideas for articles they want to sew.  I have never done that.  However, I do use magazines for inspiration.  I keep a supply of Threads magazines on hand.  When I need inspiration for a new sewing project, I go through several old editions until I find a project that inspires me.  If that project is an article of clothing, I don’t start it until I review what is in my closet.  Before I begin a new project, I want to be sure it coordinates with at least two items and preferably three in my closet.  That is a lesson I learned from making two color-coordinated wardrobes. 

Another great source of inspiration is other sewers.  Watch what your friends are sewing.  It is easy to get inspired by their projects.  This is just one reward of sewing with others or what I call, social sewing.  Your local chapter of the American Sewing Guild is a great resource for social sewing.  They have meetings, demonstrations, classes, neighborhood groups and more to inspire you.

Sometimes a piece of fabric in my stash will be my source of inspiration.  If I find a piece of fabric that shouts out to me, but I can’t remember why I actually purchased it, I will put the fabric through the “closet test”.  If it looks good with two or three items in my closet, then I will look for a pattern.  If not, it is time to find a new home for that piece of fabric!

Inspiration may come from something as simple as a need.  I recently needed some new pants for my wardrobe, so I was inspired to sew pants.  I searched my stash and found three pieces of fabric I liked and cut out pants from them.  I always feel good when I use fabric from my stash.  It makes me feel like I am making progress on reducing the size of the stash.  However, I am not sure I am because I occasionally add a little to the stash!

Another thing that inspires me to sew is to make a list of items I intend to make in the near future.  It gives me a plan to follow.  Once I see those items written on paper, it inspires me to start sewing so I can cross them off the list!

I am beginning to think about sewing for Spring and Summer.  That helps me get through Michigan’s winter.  When I am choosing Spring and Summer fabrics for garments, it makes it easier to believe that winter will soon be gone and we will actually have warm weather and green grass again!  I guess you could say the change of seasons helps inspire me.

I was recently inspired by a piece of paisley print challis from my stash and it passed the closet test.  I thought it would make a nice gathered skirt, but the piece was too small for that.  My next thought was to make a blouse but I did not have a pattern that had already been fitted to me.  I decided instead to use a shirt pattern I had sewn before.  I am not sure this will work with the soft challis fabric, but I am going to try it.  I have the shirt cut out and partially sewn together.  If it works, I will have a new garment to wear.  If it doesn’t, it will go in the trash and I will have one less piece of fabric in my stash!  Regardless of which way it goes, I will let you know.  A picture of the fabric is shown below.

The new year is almost here and it is time to plan your 2020 sewing projects.   What will inspire you to sew more this year?