Saturday, October 24, 2020

 Another Sewing Slump!     

Once again, I have been experiencing a sewing slump.  I just can’t get interested in sewing anything.   I don’t think I am alone.  I think there are lots of us that can’t get interested in sewing or in anything else that used to be really fun.  I believe it is a part of this weird year, 2020.  In January of 2020 I had no idea what the year would bring.  I was looking forward to a month’s long vacation in February on St. Simons Island, Georgia.  That part of 2020 was fun.

We had a great vacation and returned home to Michigan the first week of March.  I was able to join my friends at one of our group sewing sessions and then the Coronavirus reared its ugly head.  That was the end of our group sewing sessions and all other social events.  We were told to stay at home and avoid crowds.  At first, I did okay with the new plan for life.  I stayed at home and focused on sewing.  I made masks for our family and others.  Then I posted small, quick to finish projects on to try to encourage others to return to sewing.  Then I made a t-shirt and several bags.  And then I reached a point where I could not sew.  I don’t know if I am bored or just tired of the situation this Coronavirus has forced us into.  Will life every be “normal” again?

I realized I had to do something.  I couldn’t just sit here and let my life go by.  I looked in my mirror each day and saw more and more wrinkles on my face.  Each day brought a few more aches and pains.  It was even getting difficult to walk.  I would probably have gotten more grey hairs, but that process had taken place years ago!  

Finally, I realized there was actually two somethings I needed to do.  Number one, I had to take care of my health.  I knew the first action I had to take was to begin to exercise again.  I have started doing a walking CD.  It has a one, two, and three-mile walk.  I started with the one-mile walk and the goal was to do it at least once a day.  Some days I accomplish that goal and some days I don’t.  I am still working on the goal.  At least I haven’t given up. 

The second something I needed to do was something fun.  I think this is important for all of us especially now when everyday life is so out of whack!  I decided I needed to sew something.  It wasn’t easy, but I forced myself to start with something simple.  I cut out and sewed a plain t-shirt.  That sounds easy, but for someone bored or tired, it really wasn’t.  It took more than two weeks.  I did some tweaking to the fit of my pattern, but now it is finished.  

I think I am back to sewing and hopefully, my sewing slump is over.  I started a shirt for my husband about a month ago, but then the slump started and I couldn't finish the shirt.  That shirt will be my next project.  

In the middle of making the t-shirt, my daughter was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.  She is now in ICU with Covid-19 double pneumonia.  We are praying for her healing.  Although she is still in ICU, she is making progress.  

I think I will remember 2020 as the year of sadness.  All of us have been affected by this year of sadness in one way or another.  Even though this has been a sad year, I believe most of us have things to be thankful for.  I know I do.  I may look a lot older, but at least I am still here.  I will take life a day at a time and try to enjoy it!  I hope each of you will try to find something healthy and fun to do to occupy your time during this difficult year.  Maybe 2021 will be the year of return to happiness and contentment.

I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy.