Sunday, May 27, 2018

Use Fabric to Wrap Your Gifts

I recently wrapped a shower gift and a wedding gift.  I like to make fabric gift bags, so I made one for the wedding gift.  However, the shower gift did not lend itself to going into a gift bag because of the size.  It was 1 ¾ inches x 13 ½ inches x 13 ½ inches.  I decided to cut a piece of red lining fabric and used that just as if it were paper wrap.  I used two-sided fabric tape instead of cellophane tape and I used a 5/8-inch piece of white lace instead of ribbon.  After the package was wrapped, I made a flower from a piece of 3-inch white lace and sewed it to the lace that was used in place of ribbon.

If you need instructions for making a gift bag, you can find those in my post of April 10, 2017 (How to Make Fabric Gift Bags).

Pictures of both gifts are shown below.

Most of us who sew have a “stash” of fabric that could be used to make gift bags or to use as gift wrapping.  We also usually have some extra ribbons and lace.  If you are one of those people who buy only enough fabric and supplies for your current project, you won’t have stash.  A good time to buy gift wrapping fabric and supplies is when they are on sale or clearance.  Build yourself a small stash so it will be available when you need to wrap a package. 

This past week I worked on a blue jacket for my 12-piece wardrobe.  I have to tell you that jacket was a failure!  The pieces are in the trash.  After cutting it out, I soon decided it was not worth the effort to make due to a poor choice of fabric.  I loved the pale blue color, but the gauze fabric was horrendous to try to sew.   All the pieces were much bigger than the pattern pieces I used to cut them.  I tried trimming the pieces, but that did not work.  I knew when I had trouble sewing the back yoke to the back, this project was not going to be completed.  I usually try to rescue my mistakes, but I felt this project was not worth the effort.

I am going to search my stash to see if I can find another fabric and, if I can’t, I will shop for another piece.  In the interim I am going to work on a skirt from Vogue pattern V7937, view D.

 I will let you know how the skirt turns out.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

The White Jacket     -      May 20, 2018          

I finished the white jacket this week.  I used Vogue pattern V9176.   This is one of the Vogue patterns I purchased on sale for $4.99 instead of the regular price of $27.50.  At $4.99 this pattern was a real bargain.  It has a pattern for two jackets, one top, one dress, and two pants.  You could do a 12-piece wardrobe from this pattern and easily have 64 coordinated outfits!  Let me know if any of you try this. 

I made the shorter jacket (view A), but I substituted the back piece of the longer jacket (view B).   The back for view A had 6 regular pleats and one double pleat in the center.  That was just too much fabric flapping in the back for me!  I prefer the back with just the one double pleat in the center.  This is a loose fitting, unlined jacket with a collar, self-lined yoke, and long sleeves.  This should be a perfect light-weight summer jacket and will go with everything because it is white. 

I may add something to this jacket at a later date.  I think I might like a small embroidery in the middle of the back yoke and perhaps something that coordinates with the embroidery at the bottom of one sleeve.  

The front and back of the completed jacket are shown below.  The only hand sewing I did was on the yoke lining around the back of the armscyes and across the back at the bottom of the yoke lining as shown in the picture below. 

I told you in my post of May 4th I was helping a friend make a sweatshirt jacket.  She knows how to sew but doesn’t make clothes for herself.  Last week at our Wednesday sewing session at Stoney’s, we fitted the pattern to Pam.  She is using Vogue pattern V9244.  After we traced the pattern on Swedish pattern paper, we pinned it together and tried it on Pam.  At that point,  she asked if the back was longer than the front.  I told her it was and showed her the picture on the pattern envelope.  She did not like that design feature.  The pattern also flares out at the sides before the back begins to get longer.  She did not like that feature either.  Bev D. came to her rescue and showed her how to straighten out the flare at the sides and cut off the extra length in the back.  Then Pam was happy with the style.  Other than changing the design a little, the only alteration was to the hip area.  After that, the pattern was ready to be cut.

At the Wednesday, May 16th, sewing session Pam cut out the sweatshirt.  She is using a grey and navy one-directional print fleece for the body of the sweatshirt jacket and a navy fleece for the sleeves, hood, and pockets.  She now has the jacket cut out and ready to sew next Wednesday.  It will be fun to watch her put the jacket together.  It should go together quickly because she already knows how to sew.  It is just a matter of interpreting the pattern directions and following the steps – almost like putting a large puzzle together!  Once the jacket is sewn together, she will finish it by adding buttons and buttonholes.

Hopefully, I will have some pictures of Pam’s progress next week.


Friday, May 4, 2018

So Many Projects to Sew!

The 12-piece summer wardrobe is still progressing, but I am sewing several projects at the same time.  I just finished a baby gift.  I made a set of 49 flannel baby wipes.  I used 7-inch squares of flannel and serged around the edges.  Then I used a large needle to weave the thread tails back into the stitching.  Now I just need to make a gift bag for the baby wipes.

Yesterday during the Wednesday sewing session at Stoney's house, I started a project with Pam.  She has sewn for many years, but doesn't make clothes for herself.  She likes to quilt, make purses and do needlework and other hand sewing.  I convinced her she should start making clothes.  She agreed to make a sweatshirt if I would help her fit it and be available to guide her through the process.  She is using Vogue V9244 designed by Marci Tilton.  A picture of the front and back of the sweatshirt is shown below.

I am thinking of making one for myself so we could work on the individual steps of the pattern together.  Yesterday, we went over the pattern so Pam would know what to expect.  We also made a copy of the pattern from Swedish tracing paper in the size closest to her measurements.  Next Wednesday, Pam will try on the pinned together pieces of the pattern to determine if any adjustments are needed.  After we make any necessary adjustments, Pam will be ready to cut her sweatshirt.

The Lansing Chapter of the American Sewing Guild's neighborhood group, Sew Styling, is currently working on making coats and jackets.  So, this sweatshirt Pam is making will qualify her to enter the  Chapter's yearly Sewing Challenge in October.   To qualify for this event, a member must be inspired to make something that was discussed during a presentation at a monthly chapter meeting, class, or neighborhood group.   The member's name then goes into a drawing for prizes at the October meeting.  It is always fun and interesting to see the different items submitted and the challenge is a good incentive to keep all of us sewing and learning new things!

As for my 12-piece summer wardrobe, I am currently working on a white jacket from Vogue pattern V9176.  I hope I will be able to show you the completed garment soon.

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