Sunday, May 10, 2020

Completion of Audrey Purse

No more artificial deadlines for me.  I set one for myself when the Covid-19 “Stay at Home” order took effect in Michigan almost nine weeks ago.  I decided if I was going to be home most of the time I could post on my blog once a week on Saturday.  You will notice I did not post yesterday.  I decided I will now post when I have a project ready or an Item I want to discuss.  That may be weekly, once every two weeks, or even once a month.  The deadline I gave myself of posting weekly was causing me to focus almost entirely on sewing.  Although I love to sew and I love to talk and write about sewing, there are other things in life that require my attention as well. 

This past week I was able to complete the Audrey purse that I started some time ago.  I stopped work on it when I thought I did not have all the hardware I needed.  As I explained to you in my last post, I telephoned Sew Unique Threads in Battle Creek on Saturday and by Monday I had the hardware.  I really appreciated the great service Sew Unique Threads provided.  This week I picked up the bag and began where I left off.  I was at the point of sewing the front and back pieces together.  I had previously quilted the pieces to the foam interfacing, so the pieces were pinned with the right sides together.  I got the two gun-metal 3-D rings from Sew Unique Threads and started to read the pattern to see how to install them.  Was I surprised!  They were already sewn – one to the right side of the front and one to the right side of the back.  That is why I couldn’t find them.  The purse was pinned together with the wrong sides out and I didn’t remember sewing them on.  Now do you understand why I am no longer giving myself a deadline of posting once a week?  I apparently was driving myself nuts trying to meet my own self-imposed deadline.

The pattern I used is Audrey by Sallie Tomato.  This purse was much easier to make than the large bag I posted last week.  It is a crossover purse with a zippered pocket on the front.  The zipper is covered with a flap so it doesn’t show.  The pattern shows optional metal handles.  The strap can be removed and the purse can be carried by the handles.  I have the metal handles, but chose not to use them on my purse.  I am thinking of making a purse for a gift and I may use the handles on that one.  I also think there may be an easier way to install the zipper at the top of the bag.  I may try to come up with that for my next “Audrey” purse.

I made two changes to the pattern.  The purse has an adjustable strap.  Even so, I still shortened the strap by 32 3/4".  It was just too long for me.  I also shortened the height of the purse.  The finished height of the pattern was 11 inches.  The finished height of my purse is about 8". 

Pictures of the purse are shown below.

I hope you are having fun sewing!



  1. Judy,

    I completely understand. I also set some pretty lofty sewing goals for myself during this shut down and like you have come to feel that putting such strict goals is not a good idea. I feel like I have lost some of my joy in sewing. Sewing for me needs to be enjoyable and not a job on a schedule.

    I enjoy reading your posts. Stay safe.


  2. Beautiful, Judy. And I appreciate your words of wisdom!